SECTION 1. PURPOSE, continued

E. To amend the Alameda City General Plan and General Plan Diagram such that the land use designation of the lands contained within Alameda County Assessor parcels numbered 74-906-31-3, 74-906-31-4, 74-906-33, 74-906-34, 74-906-35, 74-906-37, 74-906-32-1, 74-906-32-5, 74- 906- 32-11, 74-906-32-12, 74-906-20-2, and 74-906-26 in the Land Use element of the City of Alameda General Plan would be changed from Medium-Density Residential, General Industry and Parks & Public Open Space, to Parks & Public Open Space.

In particular:

  1. To amend Sections 2.4.k as well as Table 2-3, Table 2-4 notes, Table 2-5 as regards the housing designations, to provide for a greenway.
  2. To amend Sections 3.2.f, 6.1.h, Table 2-6 and Table 6-2 to provide that this greenway shall cover approximately 22 acres.
  3. To amend Section 4.1.n because Atlantic Avenue has already been extended.

F. To amend the Alameda City Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map such that the zoning designations of land within said parcels would be changed from M-1, Intermediate Industrial (Manufacturing) District (Alameda Muncipal Code 30-4.11), PD. Planned Development Combining District (Alameda Muncipal Code 30-4.13) and R-2, Two-Family Residence District (Alameda municipal Code 30-4.2) to O, Open Space District (Alameda Municipal Code 30-4.19).


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