Language of Measure E . . .

The City Attorney of the City of Alameda has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure.

TITLE: Measure to Amend the General Plan and Zoning classification of certain lands bound by Marina Village Business Park, Constitution Way and Sherman Street.

SUMMARY: This measure would amend the Alameda City General Plan such that the land use designation of the lands contained within Alameda County Assessor parcels numbered, 74-906-31-3, 74-906-31-4, 74-906-33, 74-906-34, 74-906-35, 74-906-37, 74-906-32-1, 74-906-32-5, 74-906-32-11, 74-906-32-12, in the Land Use element of the City of Alameda General Plan would be changed from Medium-Density Residential, General Industry and Parks & Public Open Space to Parks & Public Open Space.

In addition, the measure would amend Sections 2.4.k, 3.2.f, 6.1.h and 4.1.n as well as tables 2-4, 2-5, 2-6 and 6-2 of the General Plan consistent with the intent to redesignate said property Parks & Public Open Space. The measure would also amend the Zoning Map provided by the Alameda City Zoning Ordinance such that the zoning classification of lands within said parcels would be changed from, M-1(PD) (Intermediate Industrial with Planned Development Combining District), (and R-2 (Two Family Residential) to O (Open Space District -Alameda Municipal Code Section 30-4.19).

To the City Clerk of the City of Alameda, California:

We the undersigned, registered, qualified voters of California, residents of the City of Alameda, County of Alameda, hereby propose the following initiative measure to amend the City of Alameda Zoning Ordinance and General Plan, and petition the City Clerk to submit the same to the voters of the city of Alameda for their adoption or rejection at the next succeeding general election or special election.

Language of the measure. . .

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