In Dec. 2003, the City of Alameda was awarded a grant from the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) to conduct a feasibility study for the Cross Alameda Trail, with the intent that it would ultimately be designated as part of the Bay Trail.

The proposed Trail alignment would approximate the route of the former ALAMEDA BELT LINE RAILROAD, extending from the entrance to Alameda Point at its west end to Tilden Way at its east end, a distance of about 3.5 miles. The Trail would enhance access to key destination points along the northern portion of Alameda’s main island by providing improved bicycling and pedestrian facilities in this corridor.

AGAB Map 2004

The City of Alameda has compiled a draft of the Cross Alameda Trail Feasibility Study and has posted it on the City's web site: (

SCROLL DOWN to find the links to the Chapters in pdf.

The study is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Planning Board in April. The project will also be brought before the City Council. Both meetings will offer an opportunity for public comment. The City welcomes your input on this project. Please submit comments in writing to Barry Bergman via email or in writing no later than Friday April 15, 2005.

• Email:

• Regular mail: Barry Bergman, Public Works Department, 950 West Mall Square, Room 110, Alameda, CA 94501

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