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E is for Everyone, D is a Dunce … 

» Make donations to YES on Measure E ! and NO on Measure D !
Please send checks made payable to ”Save Open Space in Alameda“ to 212 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501

» Download the PDF flyer and pass it around your neighborhood.

» Download the talking points for Yes on E and No on D.

» To endorse, send an email to

Yes on E and No on D has widespread support:

  • Mayoral Candidates Bill Withrow, Barbara Kerr,
    and Denise Ranish
  • City Council Candidates Jean Sweeney and Tom Pavletic
  • Sierra Club, San Francisco Bay Chapter
  • City of Alameda Green Party
  • Estuary Park Action Committee (EPAC)
  • Northside Neighborhood Network
  • Individuals from all over the island, including:
    • Debra Arbuckle, Attorney at Law
    • John Luther, Biology Professor, College of Alameda
    • Helena Lengel, Biologist, College of Alameda
    • Kelsey Rothrock, Elementry School Teacher
    • Rob Rothrock, Actor
    • Karin Lucas, former City Council Member
    • Kathy McIntire, Balloon Mania
    • Steve Gerstle, Librarian
    • Emil Subido
    • Don Hardiman, Grant Writer
    • Trina Molina, Postal Worker
    • Bree Cahill, Artist
    • Ingrid Dayton, Librarian
    • Christa Keller, Wind River
    • M’Liss Maxham, Dentist
    • Sherry Stoll, Designer
    • Peter Lenhardt
    • Diane Coler-Dark
    • Camilla Whyte
    • Pat Colburn, Realtor
    • Virgina Kelker
    • Ray and Rhonda Chiarez
    • Darlene Ludington, Police Dispatcher
    • Sid Florendo, Mechanic
    • Irene Olson
    • Joe Graceffo, Publicist
    • Leland Tremain, Rainbow Flag Health Services
    • Len & Gina Palkovic

YES on Measure E ! and NO on Measure D !

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